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You are so much stronger than what you think. From your body, to your emotions, through to your mind, will and spirit, you are strong… really strong.


This is the truth. Perhaps not your current experience, but it is the truth.


Honesty vs Truth.

There is plenty of us living honestly out loud. This is honestly how I feel. This is honestly what I want or need. This is honestly what I think. Just being honest.


The problem is that this ‘honesty’ so often comes from an addictive or oppressive mindset and lifestyle where our will is weakened and we serve the loudest voices, biggest bullies, and the greatest instant payouts, instead of being free, truly free to live as we were created to live - truth.


You don’t need me to be honest. You need me to be truthful.


Truth is strength. Truth is un-compromised. Truth is undivided. Truth is peaceful. Truth is whole.


How do we move from weakness to strength? From feeble to FORMIDABLE?

The challenge is in your training. Your entire being, the ‘you’ that stares back at you in the mirror every morning, and evening, the you that you are alone with in your thoughts at night, the you the world experiences every day, this ‘you’ expresses itself as it has been trained. How you are, is how you have been trained to be. Not necessarily truthful and strong, but how you train, is how you live.


Just take a few moments to consider this.  A few minutes to change the rest of your life.


The FORMIDABLE WAY; is to become strong in character (identity), skills and your entire being’s ability to respond well facing any circumstance. Strong and ready.  (James 1:4)


You are strong by VIRTUE of you identity; who and what you relate to determines the quality, the TRUTH of your life. The virtuous man or woman is truly the formidable one. An unshakable life is built upon a strong foundation.


We are living in a day where we can not afford to life aimlessly, ignorantly or passively. We need to fight for the truth and promise of God for our lives and the lives of those we love.


The FORMIDABLE are those who learn and train to fight the good fight of faith. They galvanize their wills. They take responsibility for their lives. They daily do what they need to do to live virtuously and tactically.


What started out as a personal quest to dig ourselves out of life’s quicksand that was consuming us and our family, has been steadily becoming a movement among friends, family, men, women and families to overcome and become FORMIDABLE.


For us a car accident, brain injury and the subsequent depression, loss of career and identity were the giants we faced together. Whether sickness, death, financial stress, loneliness, or any combination of these, the need for the strength and ability to overcome has been significant, and we have seen many people rise up in strength and ability.


So whether you are currently partnering with us or you have yet to be, let me quickly give you a overview of the FORMIDABLE CHALLENGE.

Introducing the FORMIDABLE CHALLENGE: Our methodology for FORMIDABLE WAY involves 3 key phases of training. The training is deliberate and systematic ensuring congruence with our who we are, where we belong and what our purpose is.


It puts our lives in proper order and balance. And it starts with and is founded upon PRAYER and this premise:


Prayer is an exercise of the entire being; spirit, will, mind, emotions and body. It is best done, and most effective when, the weakest members are engaged first, by an act of our will, and submitted to the greater members. 


When we pray, it is an athletic, emotional, mental, will-full event of submitting to our spirits and first and foremost the Spirit of God. ,

Phase One: Foundations


Foundations are built by drawing on ancient practices, for a modern application of prayer. Developing our disciplines for intimacy and connection with God.


Identifying myself with my Heavenly Father through the virtues of Kingdom Faith and Kingdom Will to live according to the truth God has for my life.


Beginning with prayer as the foundation we are empowered to live as we were designed by God our Heavenly Father through spiritual intimacy and disciplines.


Without a rock solid identity, we are forever being ‘tossed to and fro’ and at the whim of the loudest voices, most compelling arguments and greatest temptations in life. Like wandering nomads, we wander life unsure where we are going.


With a solid grasp on who we are, our lives become founded upon a bedrock which will withstand the storms of life. And better yet, our strength will build peace wherever we go.


“What does the training look like practically?”

  1. Weekly Facebook LIVE training sessions (Sunday 7am)

    1. Prayer and teaching

  2. What's App connection and accountability

    1. Daily check in

  3. Daily Personal Prayer Training (15min min)

    1. First thing in am

    2. Physical Exercises

    3. Weekly Sabbath

  4. Weekly Teaching posts

    1. Virtues (Faith, Kingdom Will)

    2. Tactical Tools (The Lord's Prayer, Personal Benediction, Physical disciplines, Intercession, Names of God, Sabbath Recovery, Group gathering, Consistency, etc)

  5. Book reading “The Way of the Heart” (Henri Nouwen )

Phase Two: TRIBE


As we continue to strengthen the FOUNDATION of spiritual intimacy and discipline (we are always part of the FOUNDATIONS Phase together), we move into a mentoring phase focused on how to properly CONNECT with our TRIBE.


The goal is to confidently connect with our Heavenly Father, fully embrace who He is and who we are in Him. It is at this point that we are able to recognize who we are and who our people are, and fully commit to loving them as The Father has loved us. We will grow in the virtues of commitment, servanthood, self control (discipline) and responsibility in the relationships God has given us.


In addition to our continuing involvement in FOUNDATIONS (Kindom Faith and Will) we now multiply our efforts with more advanced Tactical Tools while developing the virtues of commitment, servanthood, self control (discipline) and responsibility.


Continuing with FOUNDATIONS, but unique to the TRIBE (HOME) Phase will be:


  1. Bi weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Session (in personal or via SKYPE)

    1. Teaching/accountability/prayer

      1. Book study (“The Way of the Heart” followed by “Bait of Satan”)


2. Weekly Teaching posts for TRIBE specific

  1. Virtues (commitment, servanthood, self control, responsibility)
    1. Tactical Tools (confession, communion, agreement…)

Phase Three: MISSION


Growing in our belief and understanding of who we are and where we belong  leads us to discovering our VOICE in the world. Passions and Gifts in our lives taken on a whole new life and fruitfulness as we apply the FORMIDABLE VIRTUES of responsibility, honor/loyalty and vision.


Still building upon the FOUNDATION (NAME) of Kingdom Faith and Will with our Heavenly Father, planted firmly in our TRIBE (HOME), virtues of commitment, servanthood, self control (discipline) and responsibility, we set out to now influence the world around us, fulfilling our MISSION (VOICE) through the virtues of responsibility, loyalty/honor and vision


Continuing with FOUNDATIONS and TRIBE, but unique to the MISSION (VOICE) Phase will be:


Expert Coaching (connecting you with experts in the fields you are called to)


Weekly Teaching posts specific to MISSION

    1. Virtues (commitment, servanthood, self control, responsibility)

    2. Tactical Tools 

Missional Opportunities

    1. Discover opportunities for invovlement

    2. Develop gifts and talents

What this IS

and IS NOT:

It is NOT a exhaustive study of physiology, theology, psychology and sociology.  We will touch on them, but we will not dive deep into these studies. Instead, the focus is practical application. There are plenty of books, studies and further opportunities down the road explore these studies.


THIS IS what I call, a tangible hope;  simple practical tools put in your hands to deliver results. You will progressively gain understanding regarding many different areas of life, but it will be while 'on the move', not in the classroom, so to speak.


It is NOT a ‘lose 35 lbs in 35 days’ sales pitch. It isn't a 'become a black belt it 35 days' thing either. It also isn't a 'make everything in your life work out all right' thing. It IS a method for begining to train your body, emotions, mind and spirit as one, becoming strong and ready to meet those challenges courageously and skillfully. 

THIS IS recalibration of our entire being; unifying your entire being (body, mind and spirit), and training yourself to relate well to yourself, God, your family, friends, community and nature. THIS IS a vital key for how I have healed myself and continue to heal myself and the world around me. 


It is NOT a time consuming exercise(15-30min max daily), but it does require an 'all in' attitude, focus, expectation and daily consistency. 


This is NOT for any particular age, sex, occupation, health or fitness level or background. I have practiced this while working 12 hr hard labour jobs, shift work, sick, healthy, injured, and as a business owner. There are those who practice the CHALLENGE with their 4hrs old child, and with severe back/spine issues. We adjust accordingly. It is about learning to move/relate well IN the world you live.

Equipment Recommended:

-Matt(ie yoga mat)




-Timer (ie. On phone)

-Access to internet (YOUTUBE)

-2, 22-24” sticks (can be purchased from FORMIDABLE, or we can give you instructions to make your own)


Heavy bag or such to lay on floor for ground exercises

Kettle bell

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