LIMITED TRAFFIC: A major benefit we have doing most of our training from our Home Studio in Coach Hill is the limited traffic we see come through, limiting exposure to risk. 

We consistently screen our clients and

Coaching staff.

Thankfully, we have been able to continue training hard and meeting goals! No sickness, no symptoms and no missed days! We are grateful to the FORMIDABLE Community and their commitment to safety and as well as to living well! 

Personal Training 

1. Sanitizing all equipment and workspace from the front door all the way through our Studio

2. Sanitizing of hands upon entering Studio

3. 'Screening' all clients/students and Coaching Staff prior training (see Covid Screen)

4. Keeping 6ft when possible, Wearing masks when closer contact is required. 

Martial Arts

Jiujitsu/grappling classes are currently canceled until further notice, but we are running 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 sessions with Students. Using Daily Screening, disinfecting, masks (when appropriate) and emphasizing the cohort within our FORMIDABLE Tribe.

Boxing and other training not requiring 'full contact' will be done with Personal Training protocols, including masks worn. 

Launch March 4th

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