Naomi McCauley PTS

Personal Training Specialist and Combat Coach

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My passion has always been to help people, and becoming a personal trainer has given me the opportunity to impact lives in more ways than I ever thought I could.


My favorite part of my job is to watch my clients grow and reach their goals, and to know that I had a part to play in it brings me so much joy


I train

Women to be strong and confident and to not be afraid of picking up the weights

Families, creating a fun environment to allow parents and their kids to come in a stay active and to grow in their relationships together

New moms and soon to be moms, helping them stay active and healthy throughout and after their pregnancies in the safest ways

I incorporate H.I.I (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing, Olympic lifting, TRX and bodyweight training to create fun workout programs specifically designed for each of my clients needs.

Fitness isn’t just about getting in shape and looking like the fitness models in magazines. Fitness helps correct injuries and health issues, it helps create better relationships, and improves life overall and lets us enjoy every day at its fullest.

Certified since 2015

Personal Training Special

Children’s Fitness Coach

Little Warriors Anti-Bullying and Self Defense Coach

CPR + AED certified

Fully insured

"I have seen awesome results since I began training with Naomi. She plans great workouts that have improved my overall strength while working on the areas I really want to develop. She is meticulous about form and safety, which makes me feel confident that I'm in good hands. She is very focused and maximizes our time so I get a good sweat on in every session. I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness." -Jodi U

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