(CHALLENGE ONE: Day 11) Benediction

Below is the personal benediction that the Lord developed with me over the last 2 years as trained myself in prayer. As He revealed Himself to me and subsequently myself to me, this was the DECLARATION from me; it was and continues to be MY SETTING OF MY WILL BY FAITH IN THE FATHER GOD with the submission of my body, emotions, mind and spirit to His purposes. My whole being.

You can use this in part or whole as you continue to become more and more ONE WITH HIM, and He reveals to you your declaration,

Those of you in PHASE 3, you have begun to develop your own already.

Those of you in PHASE 1, use this the help you being to find your own language and promise; your own identity in Him.

Start small. With one statement. One paragraph. Build on it, just as you would a physical exercise.

This is the SEED that you will contend for.

Use this as one of the rounds in your morning prayer and disciplines. Also, begin to use this throughout the day to refocus your being. THIS is how we rest in the midst of a restless world. This becomes your thoughts and meditation. This becomes your words and declaration. This becomes your reality.

FATHER GOD, your kingdom come and your will be done in our entire being.

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