Formidable Prevention and Defense Training 

The FORMIDABLE training provides specialized training to personnel who will conduct or augment Protective Service for Business, Churches, events or other groups who may be at risk. Emphasis is placed on the full spectrum of protective operations including: doctrine and terminology, tactical combat techniques, verbal deescalation (“verbal jiu-jitsu”), coordination and mission planning, evacuation and lockdown, protective service operations and many other areas.

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"My name is Tom, I am one of the managers at Streets Alive Mission in Lethbridge. We recently had Coach Sean McCauley from Formidable Living come to our work place and teach 10 of our staff “CPI” Critical Prevention Intervention Training. Our work environment involves working with high risk and unpredictable clients every day. Sean worked with us one afternoon a week for 5 weeks straight and the results were very rewarding. The training format was well balanced with theory and hands on application, very relevant to our life and world we dwell in. I am happy to see our staff working with a greater level of confidence and feel more prepared to conduct themselves in adverse situations that arise. Huge thanks to Coach McCauley

Tom Weppler​

Streets Alive Mission

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