Personal Training Specialist , Combat Specialist,
MMA Conditioning Coach and Instructor, C3 Head of Security 
Communicator, Owner

I'm just a regular 48yr old guy.

A regular guy who after a head injury had to redefine his life to get healthy again. This wasn't a business proposal, or an idea to get rich… instead it was the desperation and determination to become whole again. I needed to get healthy for me and my family… for my future.


Over the last 6yrs with my Wife (Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Professional Cook), my youngest Daughter (Personal Training Specialist) and a handful of great friends (Trainers, Coaches, Martial Artists, etc) we transformed our lives. In the process we fell in love with sharing what we are learning with others. Together, with my Team, we are proud to present to you FORMIDABLE! 


It's our Family’s and Team’s passion to build lives using our expertise in Fitness, Combative Arts/Self Defence, Nutrition and the development of the Formidable Lifestyle through our Identity and responsibility in life; becoming STRONG in Character and READY for ANYTHING.


We aim to do a few things great. If it doesn’t work for me and our Family, we don't do it. We are very particular about the positive and empowering culture we build. We love getting strong. We love Jiu Jitsu and some other great arts. We love eating healthy on a budget. We love to laugh. We know the quality of life is directly in proportion to the quality of relationships. This is why what Fitness, Martial Arts and Nutrition are for: to live well! 


Maybe this is the place for you to become FORMIDABLE. Maybe we can together. 


Sean McCauley PTS

Sean McCauley's Urban Fit Inc. (Calgary, AB)

Formidable Combat and Fitness (Cochrane, AB)

"Training with Sean for the past nine months and throughout that time I've transformed my body and discovered physical and mental strength that I never knew I had. Sean's positive energy is infectious and his personal commitment to his own health is inspiring. For the first time in my life I have found a way to make health and fitness a consistent part my lifestyle and I attribute that to working with Sean."  Jodi U.

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Certifications & Achievements:

Born 1969

CanFit Pro PTS

MMA Conditioning Coach 

Silat Kuntao Matjan
     Student of Paatje Richard Kudding

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

     Student of Wayne Loftus (ICAD)

Wado Ryu Karate

Fully Insured 

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