Prepare your people for the worst, so they can enjoy their best, whether at home or abroad. 


Schools, Teacher PD days, Class Trips,

Workplace, Churches, etc.


Coach Sean and Naomi will come to you... 

Some of what the Program will cover:


“Threat profiling”

Four key skills for Proactively identifying threats


6 Levels of Response to Violence
or the threat of violence 

  • 3 tactics to avoid or defuse the threat of violence

  • 3 tactics to respond to actual violence: controlling and incapacitating a threat


Combative Techniques

  • Focus on Jiu Jitsu/grappling techniques; ‘worse case scenario’ (i.e. how to protect yourself on the ground with a bigger, stronger person on you)

  • How to move on your feet and countering an attack from a larger, stronger person. 


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