Services for your Nutrition and Health

Meal/Food Plan (Diet) Analysis

Do you want to know if your current meal plan (diet) meets your nutritional needs? How many calories you are eating compared to what your body requires?  Provide me with a 7 day food intake record.  I will analyze it and make recommendations to improve your nutritional profile.  In an hour long session I will discuss these recommendations and why.  I will also give you some of my practical time saving tips.​

7 Day Meal Plan

Get a clear, healthy meal plan complete with recipes.  Following an hour long session discussing your personal goals and health needs, I will create a personalized 7 day meal plan that is unique to you. I will take into consideration your personal food preferences, allergies, health concerns, goals, and lifestyle.  Your meal plan will include 3 meals (with recipes) and 2-3 snacks a day to be delivered to you in a follow up session.

Health Assesment

Our body tells a story.  What story does yours tell? Each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.  Using symptomatology, I will perform a body systems analysis determining the health/imbalances of each of your body systems based on signs and symptoms you identify.  This process takes approximately an hour.  I will use the analysis to determine nutritional inadequacies and prepare recommendations to alleviate these symptoms. This will also assist in returning the body system to optimum health/balance. Understanding this is a general health assessment. It is not meant to be a diagnostic tool or treatment/cure for specific illnesses. It can,however, be used as a preventative tool. In a second meeting, I will share with you the report on your body systems and my recommendations.  My recommendations will not only include nutrition but also lifestyle and supplements addressing you as a whole person.

Cooking Coaching (lessons)

Don’t have the cooking skills? Want more whole food nutritional meals? Need to follow a special diet? Are there new foods that intimidate you? Want to learn? I can teach you.  I will come to your home and prepare a few meals, that we will preplan together, and demonstrate/discuss skills that you wish to learn.

Grocery Store Walk/ Pantry Purge

We will walk the aisle of the grocery store and chat about the foods you would typically buy.  We will read the labels and discuss alternatives. I will also answer your grocery store questions. You also have the option of me coming to your home and doing the same with your pantry. 
(Approximately 2 hours.)

Follow-up/ accountability sessions

30 minutes sessions 

These sessions are available after you have received a food plan analysis or health assessment.  Once you have had the opportunity to put my recommendations into practice, you may have questions or would like to make adjustments.  These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss them.  If you need someone to keep you on tract, we will meet for accountability and discuss challenges.

Nutrition Parties

Looking for a fun girls night or a date night, have a nutrition party.  Pick 3 recipes from a list I will provide you, I will come to you with all the food.  We will cook together and talk nutrition.  You then enjoy the rest of your evening while I finish up, serve you, and then clean up.

Revamp a recipe

Do you have a favorite recipe that needs a nutritional upgrade, I can help you transform it.  OR do you want to know the nutritional value of a recipe I will calculate it.

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