Speaking & Presentations


With 25+ years of public speaking and youth work experience, Sean uses humour, personal stories and experience to inspire and equip young people to live lives of love, respect and strength. He and His Daughter Naomi equip others with tools to deal with fear/insecurity and bullying with a message of hope. 

Empower Teachers and Staff Development

Sean excels in empowering leaders and teams. He always leaves them encouraged, hopeful and holding new skills to better empower the next generation. 


After running his own Graphic Designs business for 15 years, Sean was devastated in a car accident  with a brain injury which left him unable to carry on with his business or any of his leadership roles he was known for. 


Out of this obstacle Sean, along with His wife Barb have not only 're-tooled' themselves for success, but have also built Sean McCauley's Urban Fit Inc. (Personal Training), Whole New You (Nutrition) and Formidable Combative Arts. They use their skills and passion to empower kids, families, youth and adults. They train 5 year old children all the way to 300lb Veteran Police officers. They work in Calgary, Cochrane and Lethbridge Alberta. 

Sean knows how to inspire hope and equip men and women with the tools to fulfill their hope in business and life. 

CHURCH/Non Profit

Sean and Barb have been significantly involved in the Church and ministry (vocational and volunteer) for 30+ years. They have planted 2 churches, 2 youth centres and been in leadership over every area within the church. 

"If you're looking to learn the secret to building a huge church, I'm probably not your guy. But, if you're looking to build 'deep' people. Strong people. 'Pillar' type of people who can be counted upon, trusted and built upon. THAT is our 'wheelhouse' so to speak. 

Strong people. Strong in identity. Strong marriages. Strong families. Strong teams. People who can overcome any obsticle. This is Sean and Barb's experience and strengths. 

Humour, wisdom and deep insight made accessible for anyone. 

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