A Great Way to Grow..

"I recommend this challenge for anyone looking to build structure and discipline into their daily routines, while at the same time letting go of the mental and physical rigidity that we unconsciously fall into. I also found it a great way to bridge the gap between my spiritual life and my physical training/martial arts, by helping me recognize that I am a holistic being, not meant to compartmentalize the different aspects of my heart and life, or put myself into a box. All in all, a great way to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in a dynamic and tangible way."


Gives Me a Foundation...

"It helps a lot. Gives me a foundation to work off of.It is really goodI like the stretching and the combat flow looks like fun."

This has been

"I've been challenged to remain quiet about (The Challenge) as well. Usually, I rave and make a fuss over the thing I'm doing, either out of the need for attention(can you say Sanguine or what!?!) or to hide my shame. "See...I'm doing something healthy".But in all honesty, this has been LIFE-CHANGING! I feel SO good after and God has been speaking to me SO much. All through. I feel through this has helped me really understand the armour of God (Eph 6)"

God Moving
Through me...

"(It has been) good. Been mixing it up with the combative movement and fitness and stretching. It's been good to pray over myself as well as all the people in my life and people in the challenge. Focusing on letting God move through me."

Oneness With
Our Father...

"We start with the body because it is the lowest common denominator". I loved this thought... Our bodies are a gift, wonderfully made, but also weak and so in need of submission.  Love the thought today of submitting my body to God and the connection between that submission and my oneness with Our Father!"

Comforting to Have a Friendly Voice to Pray with...

"I find (the videos and prayers) very helpful. It's comforting to have a friendly voice to pray with. Some of the parts where you pray more slowly, I'm able to repeat after you and that helps me focus on what I’m praying about."

Renewed Strength, Hope and Purpose...

"This has been a great experience for me and one that has given me a better foundation for my spiritual discipline. As I journeyed through this and strengthened my prayer times and meditation on the Word, i have found a renewal of hope, strength and purpose that has been somewhat forgotten or abandoned."


A Good Way to Focus

“There has been some spiritual resistance felt but at the same time we've had the Lord speak to us in certain areas of our lives so that has been good.

It has been great just having a scheduled time for the Lord.

But more just a good way to focus on him better.”

Husband's Faith is Through the Roof!

"My husband’s faith is through the roof! It's so amazing!"

Loosens Rigidity

"I really like the movement portion of it. I find it opens my mind and helps to loosen some of that rigidity I've picked up, both mentally and physically."

Peace and

"Hey "Coach"! I don't have any questions, but I am noticing an interesting phenomena happening this week. It's like the dross is rising to the surface, and I have to make the conscious choice to not fall into old habits of impatience, frustration, etc. But there is such peace and a settled-ness in my spirit. It's cool and weird."

Practical Everyday Way of Walking...

“Patience... consistency... making our movement (body, mind and spirit) more and more exact.”

I really liked your video speaking on that. It spoke to me on just how undisciplined I have become over the past decade or so (not that I had a high level of disciple before) and just how much my body and mind have been front and center over spirit."


So with them taking the lead, a lot of what I did was striving in my own strength and facing consistent failure after a while.

God has been speaking to me even before doing this about just focusing and pursuing Him and his Kingdom first and all will fall into place under that

This challenge that you have created here has really solidified that.

And given me a practical everyday way of walking in that."

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